Normally when I write blogs on here it’s only a few pictures and a recap of the couple. Well. I’ve decided to make it a little more personal. I was recently married (June 12) to the love of my life, Jordan Drake (still workin on getting my name changed, what a pain!) at the Salt Lake Temple. It was an amazing day, and I now know all the stress that brides have to put up with!
I also recently had the opportunity to take some bridals and engagements for some friends of mine. It’s interesting to be a wedding photographer. Things that are so intimate and beautiful, I get to spy in on, capture, and show that love to the world. That’s my whole goal anyway. To catch that chemistry, that playfulness, that devotion, that love, and every couple is different. I tend to try and stay away from completely posing couples, all too often I find poses stiff and blah, however if a couple wants that, I do it. And usually the couples who want certain poses have a way of making it their own, breathing life into it. Take my friend Ashley and her fiance Dallin, for example. She had some cutesy poses in mind, but she totally owned them, as you can see above!

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