Best Sunday Ever! Pretty Close Anyway…

So last night my family celebrated my niece’s 14th birthday at my parent’s house. I love my niece, she’s kinda funky and funny and is my overall buddy. It was a fun day, what with it being unbearably hot one moment and raining and windy the next (we had the party outside, forgot to mention that). But after the few minutes of rain and wind, the weather cooperated with our celebrating. I gave my niece a t-shirt from her favorite show, and made lime rickeys (which I now feel quite proficient at doing I might add ;).

It was good to visit with my family, it’s rare that we get everyone together (we were still missing a few members this time), but it’s always much more fun with my brothers’ joking and my sisters’ sarcastic remarks, not to mention the great food everyone brings. Pretty sure the lime rickey was everyone’s favorite today though… (wishful thinking much?)

I think the icing on the cake was when my husband and I were on our way back home, we stopped at the Great Saltair to see the sunset. Luckily I had my camera and tripod with me, and also an old school all manual film camera for my husband. We’re going to get his film developed asap. But it was an amazing sight, to be sure. If anyone needs a good place for a date, think, or pretty much whatever, go to the Saltair just before sunset. Take your camera and make your friends jealous too 😉


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