First Official Blog with Wordpress! How Exciting, Right?!

So, I’ve had a blog with Blogger for a while but a bunch of other photographers I know really recommended WordPress, and I’ll be honest… I already like WordPress so much more! But enough about the act of blogging, and a little more about me and what I do.

I’m a photographer. I love to shoot weddings. Yes they’re terribly stressful for all involved (except for a lot of the guests, I think), but they’re so beautiful. I love to see the love between a bride and groom, how the flower girl looks up at the bride because she looks like a princess that just stepped out of a Disney movie (“Enchanted” anyone?), and, I won’t lie, I love to see how the groom looks at his bride, and vice versa. That sounds horribly cliche, but then again I’ve always been a romantic. And really, at what other time do you get a party that’s all about you and your love for another person?


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