Ashley and Dallin 09-09-09 ~ Utah Wedding Photographer

This one, below, is a personal favorite (well actually, Ashley has let me know it’s  favorite of hers as well). We were doing a shot with Ashley at one pillar and Dallin at a pillar behind her. I told Ashley to stay put, and went over to Dallin and told him to run up behind Ashley and put his arms around her waist and surprise her when I gave the go ahead. This is one of the resulting shots.

ashleydallin (1 of 3)

Shooting through some wheat

ashleydallin (3 of 3)

Shooting through some lights, that’s what those crazy orbs are. Ashley and Dalling were sitting in a wire Cinderella carrige adorned with lights, what an awesome idea!

ashleydalli (2 of 2)

Ashley and Dallin were married at the Oquirrh Mountain last week. And let me tell you, it was absolutely gorgeous.  Ash and Dallin, being friends of mine, were wonderful to work with, and put up with a bunch of shooting not only from me, but from Ashley’s aunt who’s a photographer as well. At first I wasn’t sure that there would be many awesome places to shoot, or that the sun would be too bright (causing the accursed “squinty eye” effect), but lo and behold, it was awesome. There was a plethora of places to shoot, and I think we got some truly original shots that will now be duplicated by others (if they are expect my ego to expand a little 😉

I posted only 3 because I’m still not done processing, but figured that these were too awesome to not be blogged. I do not take all the credit for them either, a lot should go to Ashley and Dallin for being so great to work with. Seriously, one of the best couples to work with. Ever.


12 thoughts on “Ashley and Dallin 09-09-09 ~ Utah Wedding Photographer

  1. Such sweet things you said!!!! It was just as awesome to work with you, Shea 🙂 I can’t wait to see all the pictures! I am so excited!!! Thank you so much! I also agree that we did get some original shots 😉

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