Mikael’s Portraits! Utah Portrait Photography

So if you’ve ever met Mikael, she’s not only beautiful, but she’s smart, happy, and a very gifted singer. We’ve been trying to get together for quite a while now to get some photos done, and at last, this past Saturday we got to go on a shoot. I gave Mikael a list of my favorite spots, and she picked out Memory Grove in downtown Salt Lake. It’s absolutely gorgeous, there are still roses in bloom and everything!

Mikael was great, she put up with some of my crazier ideas and wasn’t afraid to voice her own ideas too. Overall the shoot went fantastic. We even decided to get lunch afterward at the Greek Souvlaki (amaaazing lemon rice!). While we were talking we spotted some very cool apartments across the street, and decided to go shoot some more. It was a blast! I’m still going through a lot, but here’s a sneak peek of sorts…



 Mikael (3 of 2)Mikael (1 of 1)-2


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