Love the Rain! ~ Utah Photography Shea Daisy Photo ~

Can I just say that autumn is my favorite season? Well it is. The colors, the cooler temperatures, the rain… I love it. Sure spring is similar, but let’s face it, fall beats out spring. Fall has Halloween, Thanksgiving, and awesome sales just before Christmas. Spring has… Easter. And Mardi Gras. And even though Mardi Gras is awesome, it just doesn’t beat Thanksgiving and Halloween (in my humble opinion).

I also love the rain. It sucks to drive in, but it’s awesome in other ways. It’s fun to snuggle up in a blanket and sit outside on a porch and listen to it and watch the lightning strike.

It’s fun to dance in. Sure, you get soaked, but nothing beats that carefree moment where you throw caution over your shoulder and let your inner child play. And… once you’re done soaking yourself silly, you can go get hot cocoa. Personally I love 7-11’s cocoa, I put shots of vanilla and creamer in it. Is that weird? Maybe, but don’t knock it til you try it! I’ve gotten several friends addicted to it.

You get to wear hoodies. Enough said.

I’d post pictures… buuuut, I haven’t really taken any yet. Now that I think of it, it’d be awesome to do an engagement or portrait session in the rain….


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