The most fabulous idea for a wedding bouquet – Salt Lake and Davis Wedding Photographer

I’ve just recently discovered a blog called The Offbeat Bride (, and I love it. I wish I had seen some of their posts and ideas when I got married! They seriously have a ton of ideas, but this one specific idea just made my jaw drop.

Here it is: a wedding  bouquet made out of vintage brooches. Seriously. I’m. In. Love. To see the pictures and learn more about it check out To die for! The bouquet was made by Studio del Fiore, amazing! (Once I get permission from the Fiore I will post pictures)

Truth be told I love vintage jewelry, it’s my favorite. And if you’re interested in making one of these and you have lots of time and patience, check out ebay (sometimes you can get a whole lot of jewelry for cheap, sometimes not), or local antique shops (I got a pair of rhinestone combs for $5 at a local antique shop in Sandy). And you don’t have to limit it to brooches. You can use pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc!

I’m thinking I may make one of these myself. It would make an amazing prop for a shoot, or just be fun to have!

And to think, all I got were real flowers! 😛

Studio del Fiore's gorgeous creation!


6 thoughts on “The most fabulous idea for a wedding bouquet – Salt Lake and Davis Wedding Photographer

  1. That’s true. But most of the time there’s a smaller bouquet for the bouquet toss anyway. So in this instance you could just do a regular flower bouquet. Another upside too: your bouquet will never die!

  2. Oooh that’s pretty! I’d want a bouquet like that that way it doesn’t die like normal flowers do so it’d be a nice momento from the wedding. =) Thanks for sharing Shea!

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