Talysa’s Mock Bridals ~ Utah Wedding and Portrait Photography

Last week I gave a sneak peek of Talysa’s mock bridals. We did them at the Salt Lake City Library in downtown Salt Lake. Talysa was great to work with and looked extremely lovely (many thanks to Jackie Riley who did Talysa’s hair). Here you can see that we did a lot, and we had a lot of fun! As we walked around the library people kept coming up to Talysa and complimenting her, or they shouted compliments from far away. I can’t really blame them, she’s gorgeous! And she looked so great in a wedding dress! Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

I’m so excited that the weather is warming up so I can do more excursions and shoots like this. Inside is okay, but outside is definitely where it’s at! Especially here in Utah where there are soooo many gorgeous awesome places to shoot.

A little heads up also for those who are interested in hiring me for my wedding photography services in Utah, my prices are going to go up soon, so book now before you lose out on a killer deal ;).


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