Jenkins Family Photos ~ Utah Photographer ~

A couple of weeks ago I was able to snap a few photos of my brother Bret, his wife Brittany, and the rest of their family. You’ll recognize Memerice from other posts I’ve had on here, most recently the Cindy Lou Boutique shoot.

The whole week before this shoot it had been warm and sunny, but we all know how Utah weather is. The day we went out for photos was the day it suddenly turned cold! So we did pictures for something like 15 minutes. Poor Corbin, Jameson and Mem were freezing! But I think we still got some really great shots.

After that, we all headed to my parents house for a delicious dinner of corned beef, where I was still snapping away at Jameson because he’s just so darn funny and cute.


2 thoughts on “Jenkins Family Photos ~ Utah Photographer ~

  1. What a cute family! I see some resemblance between you and your brother. That baby (is it Jameson?) is absolutely darling… Those trees make a great frame around the family too.

    • Thanks! Jameson is the baby (probably should have made that more clear, eh? oh well). This was at Bicentennial Park, so we were super appreciative of those trees!

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