Easter Fun ~ Utah Photography

Easter weekend was a blast for me. What could be better than hangin with your family, eating good food, and playing with the kids, followed by a food coma? Of course I had my camera in hand half the time, and totally spent most of my time capturing the kids. I didn’t realize I pretty much neglected to take pictures of the rest of my family until just a few moments ago when I was going over the pictures. Whoops. Oh well, they don’t like me to take their pictures anyway 😛

I, like any other crazy aunt, maintain that my nieces and nephews are the cutest. So there, seriously. Look at Memerice, she’s a high school student and she’s proving that the toddler swing is not just for toddlers. Jameson is cruisin in that swing, having the time of his life, Bailey is just smiling so angelically it’s not even funny, Gretchen has mad monkey bar skills, and Miley is just a cheeser for the camera!


One thought on “Easter Fun ~ Utah Photography

  1. Oh my gosh! Too stinking cute! Lovely shots of Miley and Bailey. Memerice is just funny… and Gretchen is so toothless it’s adorable especially while she hangs upside down! Looks like a fun Easter for the kids, Auntie Shea! =)

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