Short Little Contest for Moms :) ~Utah Portrait Photography~

Do you have a friend who’s like the “mom” of your group? Do you have an awesome mom or mom-like figure in your life? Do you have a friend who’s the best mom who works hard for her kids? Well, nominate them to have a free photo session with me. Up to two hours, location of their choice (from Layton to Draper), and a cd with 10 high resolution images (all edited, with minor retouching if they so choose) and print release.

To nominate, either send me the story ( of why you’re nominating them and why you think they deserve a photoshoot or put it in the comments section of the blog. You will have until 11:59 pm on Friday, May 7th, to send in nominations and stories. I will not decide on this alone. I will decide by Saturday, May 8th. I can either send the free photoshoot certificate to the nominator (if you want to give it to the winner yourself) or I can send it directly to the winner 🙂

Sometimes sensitive stories are involved, and I would like to publish the stories if I can. Please let me know if it is okay to publish the stories or not. The photos taken will be published on my blog 🙂


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