Photo Rewind ~ Utah Wedding Photographer ~

Last year I had the opportunity to shoot some anniversary photos for Lacey and AJ. They were a super sweet couple that wanted some anniversary photos at Wheeler Farm in Murray, Utah. Wheeler Farm basically rocks, there are so many spots and little niches to shoot there that whenever I go there for a session I have a great time. I was looking through some of their photos a few weeks ago and some really stuck out to me that hadn’t before. So I worked on them and did a bit of a cross processing/vintage treatment that I think really worked well.

Again, these two were super cute. Sometimes couples can be a bit nervous to really show a lot of affection in front of others (especially a photographer they haven’t met in person before), but these two were so genuine and affectionate I loved it. They made it so much easier to really capture that chemistry and love between them. Plus they were open to some of my crazy/weird/silly ideas.


One thought on “Photo Rewind ~ Utah Wedding Photographer ~

  1. Wow… What a cute couple. And I must say Shea–there are some major money shots here. 1,2, and 4 are wonderful shots. You’re just getting better and better dearie! Love it!

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