Upping the Ante… Always ~ Utah Photographer ~

When I first started taking photography classes I thought I’d learn what I needed to make awesome pictures for a few years and then I’d be done.

Obviously, I was so so SO wrong.

It was probably around last year, actually, that I (finally) figured out that the learning never stops. And if it does stop, you’re in trouble.

That doesn’t mean you have to take classes though, there are plenty of ways to learn without them. The internet is an awesome source of information, so I try to learn that way. But nothing beats hands on learning. So, whenever I feel I’m getting stagnant, I open up Photoshop or Lightroom and play until I find something new that works.

Lately, in addition to the above, I’ve been experimenting with using flash in creative ways (I’m a sucker for dramatic lighting). I also just acquired a Yashica 12, a medium format camera, which I plan on taking on portrait shoots and weddings. Medium format film (bigger than the standard 35mm film) has a certain look that digital just cannot replicate.

Yashica 12 Lit by my new flash :)Another shot


Last, but not least, I try new techniques, the latest one called freelensing. You basically take your lens off the camera and shift and tilt it in front of the lens to get a tilt-shift lens effect. Why not just get a tilt-shift lens? Well, they cost anywhere between $1400-$2000, that’s why. For anyone interested in trying this, just be aware that it can get dust and junk on your sensor, so be careful 🙂


My niece had to have some pictures too, of course

A bit more extreme freelensing

Oooo, shiny!

I know, I'm having way too much fun with this