Blog Awards?!

I have some of the best friends in the world. They’re bloggers too. A few of them have given me blogging awards 🙂 I hope they know how much it means to me. And now, I will give out my own blogging awards! Many thanks to both Kelly and Mikael for honoring me with awards 😉


1. Kelly Peterson at We’ve been friends since high school. Kelly is an amazing friend, not just to me, but pretty much to anyone she meets. She’s also doing a photography project you’ve probably heard of, the 365 Project, where you take at least one photo everyday and post it. I wish I had the stamina and ambition to do such a project.

2. Mikael Short (aka MikShorty) at Mikael and I have been friends since high school when we met during the production of “Hello, Dolly!” For a while we totally looked like twins. I have picture proof! Anywho, Mikael has always been a total sweetheart, and she’s got an absolutely gorgeous voice. She is, hands down, one of most beautiful people (inside and out) that I know.

3. Clayton Austin. Love. Stories. at  His photos, to me, are like visual poetry. Sometimes I feel that every now and then wedding photographers can be too forced about their shoots. Too posed. Too “trendy”. Too much like they’re trying to get the couple to be/do something they’re not. With Clayton, his style seems so organic and flows in such a natural way. I think the way he interacts and relates to his clients/subjects/models really shows a great level or comfort and trust.

4. Cakewrecks ( Hilarious, from wedding cake horrors to cupcake cake terrors, I looove not only looking at the photos, but reading Jen’s commentary on them. Half the time when I read it I laugh out loud (quite literally) which makes Jordan look at me funny. As soon as he sees it though he usually chuckles too.

5. Offbeat Bride ( Really I don’t think this needs any explanation. I really truly wish I had seen this before my own wedding. If you’re getting inspiration from this blog for your wedding, you need to contact me about documenting your day. Seriously. Ok, end of self-promotion rant.

6. Jonathan Canlas – ( Another photographer, Jonathan lives in Lehi, Utah. Jonathan is a film only photographer. No digital. Doesn’t even own a digital camera. Now I got my roots in film, and after reading Jonathan Canlas’ blog I went out and got a TLR yashica 12 medium format camera so I can go back to my film roots while trying out a sweet camera.


Those are my faves!


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