Take That Murphy’s Law! ~ Utah Photographer

Murphy’s Law n. Any of certain humorous axioms stating that anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong.


My most recent brush with Murphy’s Law was this past Monday, July 19.

Here’s a little backstory: A couple of months ago I was listening to Panic at the Disco on a drive home from work. I was listenin to “When the Day Met the Night” off of their Pretty. Odd. Album. This song was always a favorite, and the thought hit me. I should do a shoot based off of the song!

So for over a month I thought of locations, outfits, makeup, models, and a story line, right down to a timeline of the shoot. This was one shoot that I knew exactly what I wanted. The week before I tried to doublecheck on everything. Everyone was still excited.

Then I found I wouldn’t be able to do what I had planned at the location. I hurried and found another one.

The day of the shoot (two hours before it was supposed to happen) my male model told me he had been bitten by a spider, lost his voice, felt like crap, and was in bed all day. He said he could still make it if I wanted, but I’m not that cruel. I told him to stay home. My female model volunteered her boyfriend, so it was all good, we just had to push the time back a little.

But then my makeup artist wouldn’t answer me or get back to me. And he ended up flaking as well.

If anything can go wrong, it will. And it did.

But you know what Sheena (my female model) and I said? “Let’s do this anyway!” After all, we had both taken off work and spent time and effort on this shoot. Countless e-mails and texts, planning, coordinating schedules and idea, etc.

So we did. We shot at the International Peace Gardens. Sheena and her boyfriend, Estevan, were amazing. My husband helped me so much by assisting me. We were not able to do some of the original concepts and ideas that I had due to location and makeup changes, but we rocked it. There were plenty of laughs and fun, and although the shoot wasn’t how I had envisioned it, thanks to Estevan and Sheena, there were some pretty amazing photos made.

Murphy’s Law tried to take one last stab at the shoot by making my speedlight fall off its stand, hitting the ground hard… but I shoot Nikon, so the flash acted as if nothing had happened. Not even a scratch on it. Yay Nikon!

I’m not giving up on my original idea though. I’ve got a more reliable makeup artist in the works right now, and it might take a bit more time, but I’ll get the shots I originally planned for.

For now though, here’s some of the fruits of our labor, more to come later after I’ve fully processed the shoot. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Take That Murphy’s Law! ~ Utah Photographer

  1. Wow what a beautiful couple. Stunning. Like vampires. Lol.
    I’m sorry the original model was sick and your makeup person flaked… that’s not right in my book.
    Speaking of photo shoots, we need to discuss our idea missy!

    • Thanks Mikael! Flakiness comes with the territory, sadly.

      I will talk to you tomorrow so we can talk about our idea!

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