Favorite Images from Natausha and Matt’s Wedding

There’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and am only just beginning to do now. I’m going to pick a few of my favorite images from each shoot and explain what I was thinking at the time, how I got the shot, and how I processed it afterward. Thist first post will be from Natausha and Matt’s wedding. I love fall and the colors it brings, so I think this is a good post to start. I have more favorites than just these three, but I definitely don’t want to go on too much, as I have a tendency to ramble if given the chance =P

A few of these are done with flash. Flash can be intimidating, but even if you haven’t used it much, don’t be afraid to pull it out for a few minutes at a shoot (probably not a wedding though). I use a Nikon Sb-600 and the CLS system, so things take a bit of tweaking at first, but well worth the practice and wait.

First we have this shot:

Salt Lake Temple Wedding, Utah Photographer

The Salt Lake Temple is gorgeous for photos, and I like to get the traditional spots and poses, because it’s good to have them. But then, in addition to that, I like to try to find a spot I haven’t shot in before or that is a bit secluded. Cue this little garden area by the temple waiting room. I’ve also been wanting to incorporate off camera flash because it can create such a dramatic, cool look (at least that’s what I think). So I had Matt dip Natausha while a friend held my flash just above Natausha’s head, the flash was pointing into a silver umbrella. I waited for the right moment and voila! This gorgeous shot was made. I like it because the flash added a bit of a sparkle and fill to their facial features, especially the eyes. I also like that it highlights how graceful Natausha is.

For processing I mostly used Adobe Lightroom to tweak the dark and light tone curve, and some minor dodging and burning in Photoshop. Digital has a limited range of tones, so I will often use Lightroom and Photoshop to push more range, especially where white wedding dresses and black tuxes are concerned.

Next up is:

Salt Lake Temple, Utah Wedding Photographer

I also used an flash pointed into a silver umbrella just to Natausha’s left on this one as well. This was a trickier shot as Natausha and Matt were in shade and the temple background was in the sun. Without the flash to the side, I would have had to eiher blow out the temple to almost white or do a silhouette of these two. Off camera flash to the rescue! The flash and umbrella really made it so I could get a good enough exposure where I could push the lights and pull the darks in Lightroom. And that’s exactly what I did. The background was still lighter than I wanted, so I burned it in a bit more. Again, I made the lights lighter and the darks darker with the tone curve.

Also, I normally don’t pose people above me, but for a shot like this, I  think it works, it’s a different perspective of the temple and really works well for this particular shot.

And finally we have this one from the reception:

Ogden, Ivy Wedding Reception Center

I love this moment. The first dance where everything is so beautiful and sweet. For this shot I had my flash on my camera, something that, depending on lighting conditions and your equipment, can be essential. For me, in this venue at Ivy Lane Reception Center in Ogden, it was needed. For the dance, lights were dim and dark, and so I bounced my flash off the ceiling, creating a soft, diffused light that’s not too harsh and still keeps the ambient light around.

And as usual, I tweaked the tone curve in Lightroom. I also used a graduated filer to darken the left side of the frame a bit more to keep the shot focused on the couple. I also warmed up the white balance just a bit in Lightroom, I like a warm feeling to most of my wedding work, plus with the crazy different kind of lights used (tungsten, fluorescent, etc.) I find I need to go through each photo and keep the blues, yellows, and greens in check and consistent.

So there you have it. If you have any other questions about these images or how I did them, or settings let me know and I will update the post with the information 🙂


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