Mt. Timpanogos Temple – Rachel and Kyle!

I loved this wedding. I know I say that all the time, but it’s always true, so there. But I was kept busy all night, and I even had a little assistant. Yeah, this little guy was my buddy! He helped me by taking a few shots for me and holding my lenses if I needed some help, taking special care of them. He was awesome, future photographer right there. Here he is holding the bouquet while I was shooting the rings.


But anywho, I just want to say how lucky I am. I seem to get to photograph the cutest and sweetest, yet funnest couples in the world. Rachel and Kyle, even though it was their special day, were beyond gracious and  humble, being more concerned with how everyone else was doing more than they were concerned about themselves. I know this firsthand because they kept trying to get me to eat food (I did eventually get a quick bite, the food was amazing!).

Rachel and Kyle, thank you for letting me and my second shooter Ash be a part of your day, you two are awesome! Here’s a selection of the final images, I will post more to Facebook later this week 🙂



fun editjpg1jpg2jpg3jpg4jpg5jpg6jpg7jpg8jpg9jpg10jpg11jpg12jpg13jpg14jpg15jpg16jpg17

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