Favorites from Kyle and Rachel’s Wedding

Not going to lie, this whole picking favorites thing is hard. Especially with Rachel and Kyle, because they always look amazing. And I’m not just blowing smoke or anything. You can bet that everything I say on this blog, or that I say in person, I mean (except when I’m joking…. don’t take my jokes seriously, mmmmkay?). And these two make one gorgeous couple. They are just fun to be around, you can’t help but smile and have fun. Anywho, let’s get to the favorites….

Mt. Timpanogos Wedding, Utah County Wedding

The moment: I’ve probably said this before, but I love the moment before an actual kiss moreso than the kiss itself. And this is definitely one of my top faves. I feel like there’s a lot of emotion here, and that’s the goal!

The shot: 1/250 sec at f/6.3 at ISO 200, zoomed in at 60mm to get the tightly framed composition.

The processing: Lots of work on this one…. I warmed up the white balance from 4300 to 4529 on the blue/yellow, and on green/magenta I went from -12 to +2 to take away a hint of green hue from the image. I raised the exposure about a stop, the exposure I had in camera was pretty on the nose, but I do like bright, colorful images, so I will tweak accordingly. Plus, it’s easier to lighten skintones than to try and get back details on a gorgeous white dress. I lightened the lights and darkened the darks in the tone curve to bring in more contrast, and added some vignette to burn the edges. I then opened the image up in Photoshop to sharpen and to add a layer that makes things bright and smooth. I added a couple of gradient map layers set to different colors (one brown, one a light pink), setting the blending mode to softlight and the opacity to between 20-30%. Added a beige fill layer set to overlay at 19% to fill some of the shadows just a touch. A curves layer and levels layer with very tiny tweaks was added. I then copied the background, set it to high pass filter at 3.2, set that to softlight to sharpen the photo. For photos like this I do a lot of tiny quick little things that add up to be something big compared to the RAW file.

Next up:

Mt. Timpanogos Temple, utah county wedding, Utah wedding photographer

The moment: Every temple wedding needs a shot in front of the temple.  Since the ceremony isn’t photographed, getting shots in front of the temple is a way to show that connection between the couple and their faith. It’s beautiful. This is a favorite because Rachel is saying something to Kyle. I have no idea what as I was further away, but I love how they’re looking at each other, whispering sweet nothings, or making fun of me =P

The shot: ISO 200, f/6.3 and 1/200 sec.

The processing: I didn’t change the exposure at all, I bumped up the black clipping in Lightroom, and made the lights lighter, the darks darker, and the shadows a bit darker in the Tone Curve. I added some lens vignette to burn in a little of the sky and corners of the image. Last but not least, I made the image sepia using a preset in LR.

There you have it!


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