Peacock Hair Clips for the DIY Brides Out There

I’m a creative person. Whether it’s through photography or making something with my own two hands via cooking, sewing, or crafting. For this post I thought I’d give some ideas for the bride shiny-thing-lover who loves stuff like this brooch bouquet but may not have the extra budget to pay for it, nor the time to make it.

Lately I’ve gotten into making my own hair clips. I like the flowers that people make, but I like shiny things more. And I like having complete control over what I think it should look like. Plus there’s the uniqueness aspect, very few other people, if anyone, will have this exact thing. What I’ve been doing is scouring eBay for vintage brooches and jewelry, using jewelry I don’t wear anymore, and raiding jewelry clearance racks at Claire’s at the mall. In addition, I went to Hobby Lobby to buy some felt (4 12x12in squares for $1.00), peacock feathers as well as other kinds of feathers, and then some alligator clips at Wal-Mart. You’ll also need a hot glue gun (at least that’s what I use). Practice on something you don’t really care about first, and keep the hot glue gun on extra newpapers or something as the hot glue will drip.

Here’s my latest creation:

Peacock rhinestone hair clip, diy bride, diy bridal clip


This is really simple, really pretty, and can be worn day to day or on more formal occasions. All I used was a single strip of white felt, one alligator clip, one peacock feather trimmed slightly, and the pendant part of a necklace I found at Claire’s. First I decided how I wanted the clip to look, whether I wanted a lot of feathers and bling or just to keep it simple, play around with your supplies and you’ll find something you’ll love. I first intended to use three peacock feathers, but much preferred the simple flair of one after playing around. Also figure out where you want the clip to be, if it will fit, and where you need to place it for where you want to wear it.

Next, plug in the hot glue gun. While that’s heating up, cut up a small piece of felt, nothing too big or small, just enough to cover the underside of the jewelry and big enough to attach a clip to.

When the glue gun heats up, put a small little dollop on the back of the jewelry where you’ll attach the feather. Lightly press the feather into the glue, or prod it down with dowell/stick/etc so as not to burn your fingers with the glue. Next, spread a line (not too much!) of hot glue across the middle of the jewelry. Grab the felt, and gently press it on top of the glue and let it set for a few minutes.


Inspect both sides to make sure everything is setting nice and that you don’t globs of hot glue on either the jewelry or feather. Re-align the clip to check it is where you want it to be, model it in a mirror to double check how it would look. Lightly line the clip with hot glue and press it firmly against the felt, and remove any access on the edges.


I’m sure there are other (possibly better) ways to do this, but this is just how I did it. A lot better than spending $50 on a piece that a. that you’re not in love with. And b. that 10 other brides will be wearing that day.

Here’s a few more pics 🙂

peacock bridal hair clip, diy bride, homemade hair clip

peacock bridal hair clip, diy bride, homemade hair clip 

My next project is to make a bride’s birdcage veil. Wish me luck 😉


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