Jordan River Temple ~ Jillian and Justin’s Epic Wedding

Jillian and Justin were married Saturday, August 20, at the Jordan River Temple. This is a temple where you don’t see too many weddings anymore. But, after yesterday’s wedding, I hope to see more! I think the Jordan River Temple has some of the most gorgeous flowers around, I couldn’t name half of them, but just know they were exotic and gorgeous.

From my first emails with Jillian I knew we would get along well, and we totally did. Together along with Justin, we quoted everything from Charlie the Unicorn to Seinfeld to Pride and Prejudice. Each session brought fresh laughs and even more gorgeous photos. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t updated the blog though. So I will get on getting some of their engagements and bridals/groomals up here. But I did want to share some fun moments while they’re still fresh in my mind.

Here’s one gorgeous photo:

Jordan River Temple, Salt Lake Wedding Photographer, LDS Temples, LDS Weddings, Awesome photography

As we were heading back towards the temple to take more photos, Jillian let me know of a certain look she wanted. She’s so modest that she asked if that was okay, and of course I replied that I love it when people tell me what they want (after all, it’s her wedding!). So she immediately responded, “What I really really want?” And I sang back, “So tell me what you want!” And all together (except Justin) we sang the rest of the chorus from the Spice Girls song.  Then we burst out laughing. Then there may have been a little more quoting from Pride and Prejudice. It’s the little moments like that, the inside jokes shared with the bride and groom and their families, that I love.

Here’s one of the ring shots:

Salt Lake Wedding Photographer, Jillian and Justin, Ring Shot, Clock hands

Right after I was finished photographing the rings I went to give them back to Jillian and Justin while they were in their receiving line. When I went to hand Jillian’s back to her she held out her hand to me, so I got down on one knee and put it on her finger, much to the entertainment of everyone around. Then I went back to sneaking around looking for moments and interactions.

Those were the super awesome stories. There were plenty of jokes in between, but those were the big two. I love how open and just how fun Justin and Jillian are together. They’re the couple you just know are the life of the party, greatly optimistic and sure to make friends wherever they go. Their friends were the same way, so throughout the whole night it was a great party. Thanks so much Jillian and Justin. I loved your excellent taste in venues and detail shots (more will come later, I promise!). But here’s a couple more for now.

Jordan River Temple Wedding, Jillian and Justin, LDS Weddings, Salt Lake Wedding Photographer

Jordan River Temple Wedding, Jillian and Justin, LDS Weddings, Salt Lake Wedding Photographer


Edit to add: Apparently this is my 100th blog on here. Whoooooaaaa! Super crazy and awesome 🙂


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