Pride and Prejudice and ZOMBIES, Oh My!

Every so often I try to do a creative shoot that’s just for me. I love working for my clients and often our ideas mesh together super well, but every once in a while I want to do something for me. This also gives me a good opportunity to experiment with new techniques that I can later use for my clients.

I often feel inspired by music and books. You may remember my When the Day Met the Night  shoot inspired by a song from Panic! at the Disco. Since then I haven’t found myself with much spare time or creativity, but my photo season is winding down a little bit and I want to do something fun for Halloween. I had toyed with the idea of doing shoots based off of all of Jane Austen’s novels…. But, with winter just around the corner (well, it could already be here since it snowed last week!) I figured I’d put that off til the springtime. In the meantime though, I could combine my love of halloween with my love of Austen and do a shoot based off of the novel “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” by Seth Grahame-Smith. Sooooo good. And gory.

Here’s the deal: I have volunteers for Darcy and Elizabeth already… But who would like to be a zombie? Or help with hair and makeup? I would love as many zombies as possible. For models and stylists/makeup artists who donate their time and talents, I will give a cd of pictures (that’s a given), but I will also do a free shoot in trade.

Tentative date is October 22 (possibly the 29th?). Time is still to be determined. Location: I’m thinking the International Peace Gardens or Wheeler Farm right now, but am open to ideas. Times and dates and locations are all tentative as I want to get an idea of every person’s schedule and try to work with it. Interested? Send an email to


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