Modeling with Jessiikuh

I had been looking forward to this shoot for a while. I was totally stoked to work with Jessiikuh, and I had made an awesome black netted birdcage veil just for the occasion. My new camera (the amaze-balls Nikon D700) had just come in a week and a half before, and I was stoked to test its abilities. Yet all was not as I meant it to be….

This day was another one of those Murphy’s Law days. Things kept going wrong. I had my eye on the weather and was expecting it to be about 50 degrees outside. A bit chilly, but definitely doable.


30-something degrees. Bah! So Jessiikuh and I shot outside for 10-15 minutes and called it quits. due to the overcast day, everything in our chosen location just looked “Meh”, so we headed back to Jessiikuh’s house to a do a few more shots in the warmth. Though the sky was dark, I wasn’t worried. I had my trusty SB-600 Speedlight with me. I only needed one light for what I wanted anyway.


The flash tube in my flash had cracked. Split in two. Well… crap. I can get it fixed, but that doesn’t help me at the moment… A super dim room with none of my extra lighting equipment? This was the part where I got to seriously test and push both my camera and my own skills in using the available light.

Ta Da!




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