Baptism Photos and a Quick Lesson on Locations

Utah in winter is beautiful. Utah in winter is ugly. It was during one of these uglier parts (sky is gray, no snow falling, the air is still and gross), that I shot Lydia’s baptism portraits.

It’s so easy to take pretty photos with clear blue skies and pretty pink blossoms. But what about when conditions aren’t perfect? What if it looks like gunk outside?

I call that a challenge. Me and Lydia met that challenge and punched it in the face. Lydia, the spunky, hilarious girl full of laughter and ideas.

You don’t necessarily need the prettiest park out there. Something good to look out for, however, are elements that are “pretty” in an area. I put pretty in quotation marks because I count trees, rocks, fences, etc as pretty. This is why I try to arrive a bit early to shoots, to pick out the best areas so we can go straight to them and not dally, especially on a cold day such as this (or a hot day).

Walking around the park I made mental notes of the highlights of Murray City Park on this particular day: the stone stairs, the awesome knotty tree, the bridge, the treeline, the snow, and a gazebo. All within 30 seconds walking distance of each other.

Lydia was a champ in the cold, making for some truly gorgeous pictures. Just try and tell me she’s not channeling Snow White there!


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