The Best Photos Speak Volumes

With film we savored each negative. We saved film for precious moments.

The wonderful (and sometimes terrible) thing about digital is that memory (cards, hard drives, etc) are so cheap that we can take pictures of everything and savor every silly, awesome, heartbreaking moment.

Sometimes, with all of the photos we’re inundated with, we forget to look at and savor each one.

Take this photo of my beautiful sister HayLee. I took it this week at Wheeler Farm in Murray, she’s 38 weeks pregnant with her second child.

The more I look at it the more I love it and think it’s my very favorite.

It’s so calm, there’s so much love there. A mother’s love. Not just a mother’s love, a wife’s love (hubby Heath came along too). All embodied in one photo.

HayLee is due any day now, but at this moment, mother and child are one, together and strengthening a bond that will last a lifetime.  Image

This. This is what makes me fall in love with photo again and again.



Take some time to go through your photos, recent or old. Sometimes we forget the treasures we have, those images that mean the most that we sometimes glaze over because there’s just so many memories now. Relive them. Love them. Share them! Share them with me if you’re brave enough, I love seeing what people love and why.



5 thoughts on “The Best Photos Speak Volumes

  1. I read your review of the layton DI. I love to look at their wedding dresses. I remember seeing the sign for $150, but was marked half off. They also leave the original price tag on bridesmaids dresses. Did you buy that attroucious ruffley dress? Just curious. That was my weeding dress 11 years ago. My husband totally agrees with you. If I had to do my wedding all over again I would definitley pick a different dress and have you as my photogragher.

    • I think I wrote that review before they had them 50% off, because after I wrote the review I went back and laughed because they were now marked down. I was hoping they somehow saw the review and changed their prices :). I was looking for a wedding dress for some photo shoots, but ended up getting one at a different DI (I think it was in Murray), a gorgeous handmade 50s wedding dress for $15! I’m currently doing some additions to it before I do a shoot though.

      Thank you for the nice comment and thanks for visiting the blog!

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