Alice in Wonderland – Proof You CAN Do Whatever You Dream

To Follow is to be Led Astray, with Adventure to be had Along the Way…

Sometimes when I’m bummed that I haven’t worked on a sweet concept I blame it on any number of things: not enough time, no money, no models, no locations, not enough lights, not enough nice lenses, it’s already been done, etc, etc.

Well. That’s all bullcrap.

Sure, more lights, a nicer camera, a sharper lens can all be useful. But they’re not necessary.

Take this shot from my Alice in Wonderland shoot last week:

Alice in Wonderland, Down the Rabbit Hole, Fiction, Lewis Carroll, Alice, Whimsical, Fairytale, Blue, Homemade skirt

To Follow is to be Led Astray, with Adventure to be had Along the Way…

(Click for bigger size)

Here’s the setup:

I made the skirt with super basic sewing skills and 12 yards of tulle that was about $1 a yard (note, this was my first completed sewing project, so if I can do it you can), the shirt was on sale at Downeast Basics. The black lace armbands and choker were purchased at a local fabric store and I kept them on with velcro. I currently have one working flash (my other needs a flashtube replaced), and I used a white reflector to bounce off some light from the flash. All in all, about $35 was spent prepping for this. The skirt I can, and will, use again for future shoots. The flash was behind her (you can probably see the light stand a bit), and a reflector camera right to bounce the flash a little and block some annoying light that was casting striped shadows on her pretty face. Tweaked in Lightroom and Photoshop to get what I want and had envisioned, and voila. Done.

There is no excuse to not do what you want. The sooner you own up to that and take charge, the sooner you make what you want. This is a lesson I have to learn over and over. And once I do, I am so happy with the results. Even when I screw up, I remember and paraphrase Brooke Shaden: This is worse failing for.

When you succeed you learn, when you fail, you learn more 🙂


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