Locations in Salt Lake, Tooele, and Davis Counties

I remember when I first started shooting and was scrambling to come up with a list of cool places and how hard it was to find some, so hopefully this can help others find a good location for photos.  If you have one you’d like to share, just comment or email me at sheadrake@live.com. An * means that there is a fee to use the premises. I will update this as I learn of more locations. For those searching for indoor locations, there are several studios for rent around various areas of Salt Lake with very reasonable rates. You could also try various venues and maybe offer a trade, but your idea better be outstanding 😉

Salt Lake County:

Murray Park

Baptism Portraits, Salt Lake Photographer, Murray City Park, Utah Locations, How to Take Good Photos, Winter Portraits, Kids in Winter

Memory Grove Park (Salt Lake City near the Capitol)

Gilgal Gardens (very interesting sculpture such as a Joseph Smith Sphinx)

International Peace Gardens

Gardner Village *

Sugarhouse Park

Liberty Park

Draper Historic Park

Abby and Jake, Draper History Park, Salt Lake Photographer, Epic PhotographyAbby and Jake, Draper History Park, Salt Lake Photographer, Epic Photography

La Caille *

Wheeler Farm

State Capitol building – Free and open Monday through Saturday, inside and outside are beautiful!

Saltair (near Magna)

Ensign Peak

Gateway near The Depot – there’s a beautiful station that’s public and has a regal feel to it. Great indoor spot for portraits or fashion!

This is the Place Heritage Park *

This is the Place Heritage Park Wedding, Utah Weddings, Salt Lake Wedding Photographer

Pretty much anywhere in Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon. You could pick a spot at random and it would rock.

Salt Lake City Library

Salt Lake City Library, Utah Wedding Photograper, Utah engagements, slc library engagement photos, romantic, cute, awesome engagementsSalt Lake City Library, Utah Wedding Photograper, Utah engagements, slc library engagement photos, romantic, cute, awesome engagements

The Exchange Place

Exchange Place, Salt Lake City, Utah Wedding Photographer

Garden Park Ward

Railroad tracks across the street from the Draper Library

Water Conservation Park in West Jordan

Bicentennial Park (or any park really)

Red Butte Gardens *

McCune Mansion *

Cactus and Tropical Nursery

And as weird as this one will sound, some of the SLCC campuses are actually very nice, most notably the Jordan Campus. I also think various places around the U of U would work well too.

Temple Square

Salt Lake Temple, Utah Wedding Photographer

Just about any random alleyway in Salt Lake City

 Salt Lake Wedding Photographer, Random Alleyway, Salt Lake City


Davis County:

Jensen Nature Park

Layton Park

Antelope Island

Union Station

Any of the farms (ask for permission though! I cannot stress this enough. We as photographers have a responsibility to show respect where ever we shoot)

Utah Botanical Center

Heritage Park

Farmington Trail

Farmington Bay

Just about any spot at the exits on Legacy Highway, there’s also a little pond off the 500 south exit. It’s very cute and would be awesome for photos. Just remember bug spray!

Other Places (Tooele, Utah County, etc):

Tooele Post Office: The architecture here is stunning and some great alleyways nearby, as well as some old shops and buildings. Gold. Mine.

Rock near Saltair – Take the Saltair exit and drive west past the Marina. A beautiful area for sure.

Little Mermaid, Ariel, Romance, Fairytale, Whimsy, Lake, Storm, Beauty

Occasionally there are random bits of meadow and trees, this one is near Soelberg’s in Stansbury Park. You can’t miss it!

Tooele Glamour, Fairytale, Romance, Dreamy, Beautiful, Amazing Lovely

A ravine just off of Country Club Drive in Stansbury Park. A hidden gem, this is where I shot the Snow White shoot and plan on going back more and more. Near Stansbury Lake.

Snow White, Brenizer Method, Portrait Panorama, Fairytale, Whimsy, Romance, Beauty, apple, lovely, blue corset, yellow skirt, Stansbury Park, Tooele

Sun Tunnels – These are four big concret tunnels that are pretty much in the middle of nowhere by a town called Lucin in Northern Utah. They are really awesome to be around at the summer and winter solstices

Salt Flats

Springville Museum of Art *

Thanksgiving Point *

Nook and Cranny*

Lehi Mills

Arches National Park

I do try and update this every once in a while. Please do share what you find if you found this helpful. I think it’s silly that people hide locations, so I made this page. Pay it forward if you can.

9 thoughts on “Locations in Salt Lake, Tooele, and Davis Counties

  1. I just came across this and wanted to thank you for putting this list together! I’m nowhere near professional but I’ve taken some classes and enjoy taking pictures for people I know. This will help immensely!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful list! Do you have any suggestions for indoor locations for this time of year? Looking for shooting on Friday but want to stay in Davis County. Look forward to hearing from you and thanks again!


  3. Thank you so much for creating this list! You are officially my hero! 🙂 And I agree with Belinda on Indoor Locations! I’m grateful for any, and every possible location you list. Thanks again!

  4. If you like a secluded area, there is the “Lone Rock” which is about 15 minutes west of Tooele. Past Grantsville and you’ll see a lone rock to the South side of the freeway. Take the exit and drive about 2 miles south and you’ll see a dirt road that leads up to the base of the rock. I’ve done several nice photoshoots out there. Very secluded. There is also a shooting range nearby so be careful.

  5. Would love to know salt Lake city, downtown, capitol building, salt lake county with water features that you can actually get in and if dogs are allowed in those area’s as well same for thanksgiving point. will the Millcreek inn allow pictures and will they allow pets, Also will loghaven in Millcreek allow just photo’s and will they allow dogs as long as they are outside.

    Would love to know on the sites you have listed if dogs are allowed or not.

    Oh and Millcreek canyon is a great place for pictures as well.

    Thank you for creating this website as well.

    • I don’t photograph dogs very often, so you would have to do the legwork and call the various places to find out if dogs are allowed. This is purely a location list for people to reference, for specifics on hours, pet policies, etc, it is always best to call the desired location and ask for the most up to date answer.

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