“Honey, What Are You Looking at?”

So, once you’ve taken photos and photo classes for so many years, you start looking at advertisements, catalogues, and even postcards differently. You’re so used to having your own work critiqued that you start critiquing everything around you. Well, critique is not the best word. But it’s close enough, right?

I receive the Victoria’s Secret catalog from time to time. My strength in photography is photographing women, I connect better with women and my style is definitely more feminine. ¬†Aside from that, I really enjoy making a lady feel amazing, to show her how gorgeous she is. One of things I do to help with that is check out things like the Victoria’s Secret catalogs. I go through and examine poses, what looks flattering, what looks awkward and to stay away from, etc. Well, I usually use a pen to mark what I like and what I don’t. So here I am, just leaning over the counter looking over half-naked women when my husband comes up behind me.

“Honey… What are you looking at?” He asks, a bit concerned, a bit amused. “And why does that girl have a circle around her that says ‘Yes!’?”

I was struck dumb for a moment, torn between telling him I was looking at poses or telling him something much more scandalous. I opted for the truth, because I knew I couldn’t say anything else with a straight face.

He just shook his head and laughed at me. “Only you, honey…” Then he kissed my cheek.

So there’s a (hopefully) funny story of my husband catching me poring over a VS catalog.