Down the Rabbit Hole Sneak Peek ~ Tooele Glamour Photographer

At any give time I have a few ideas on what I want to create. The problem usually lies in finding the right person, creating the right look, and scheduling for the correct time and place.

This usually means I make friends and family model as they can’t flake out on me (muahaha). I got sick of trying to find the right outfit and so have started making my own.

For this shoot, my own spin on Alice, I made the skirt, choker, and lace armbands, my bestie Mikael modeled for me, and the perfect place was lying in wait for us.

This is the sneak peek. The actual shoot and really hard work creating the rabbit hole will be shown at RAW Artists in a couple week. If you’re interested in attending, please buy your tickets here:


Alice in Wonderland, Down the Rabbit Hole, Alice, blue skirt, tulle skirt, pretty, woods, wonderland

This is all I’m showing until RAW, October 24. I might show one more, just for awesomeness.