Expanding Into Fitness and Fashion for Retail

Anyone who’s seen my work knows my style is very feminine. I love color, I love shaping natural light to be what I want it to be. I have a studio and have fun, but want to push myself to flash more. The problem I’ve hit there is I’m torn between liking the “flashy” look and trying to make it look natural. Along with this, I’m wanting to branch out into commercial photography more.

I believe in the power of well done image. It conveys so much without needing words. People know the difference between crap and good. And yet, I see very few companies using this to their advantage. I work in sports retail, and I’ve been studying a lot of images from Nike, New Era, etc. They are distinct and know their audience well, so I am working on testing myself to break out of my whimsical, feminine, princess shoots to try and do something different. It is a learning experience to say the least! There are still elements of my own style, but it’s also different for me. I like the direction this is headed, and I think it will round out my work as a photographer even more.

fitness fashion, sports retail, working out, retail photography, commercial sports

Pardon the less than stellar quality at the moment, I wanted to hurry and throw this up, so I got it from my Facebook, haha.

For those who are wondering, this was lit with one light that the model is looking at, I want to say the settings were 1/8 power from one SB-900 in a octabox, triggered by an SU-800 commander.